Jelle Dekkers


Tremta (Remastered)

Oh yeah. It's back. But this time, it's better than ever. Tremta is now able to show 30 of the latest galleries from all sites in the MetArt Network. To scroll through the galleries, literally scroll with your mouse on the skin. To go to the gallery's page, click the name of the model, or right click it to copy the URL for it.


Change log


  • Fixed a little mistake with the gallery's URL.
  • Fixed the covers never updating.


  • Fixed it AGAIN!
  • Changed the code to use the JSON part of the webpage instead of the HTML, so hopefully I won't have to fix shit anytime soon.


  • Fixed it working anymore, yet again. Please stop changing your code, MetArt!
  • Changed the code a bit.


  • Fixed the parser not working anymore, again.
  • Changed the splash screen a bit.
  • Added the gallery name and removed the date.
  • Changed the design of the entire skin to feel more native to Windows 10.


  • Fixed MetArt not working anymore (they changed the code on their website).
  • Made some changes in the splash screen.
  • Added a scroll indicator for the galleries.
  • Added error screens in case stuff breaks. Without these, you'd just see the splash screen forever if something was broken.
  • Fixed some RegExp substitution.


  • Added support for all MetArt Network sites, so not just anymore.
  • Fixed the JD Logo not properly scaling with the Scale option.
  • Reduced the amount of shown galleries from 48 to 30 because most sites only show 30.
  • Removed the model's page URL, 'cause most sites don't have it.