Jelle Dekkers


Jelle Dekkers' Weather Icons - Colorful Edition

These icons were created because I wasn't satisfied with the selection of weather icons on the internet. I felt like none of them would really fit Google's Material Design icons or style.

So here they are: my weather icons. There are fifteen icons, as you can see in the preview image. They were all made using Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 with a 24x24 grid at 192px. All of the chosen colors are from the 2014 Material color palette. The shapes are the exact same as in the Mono Edition, which means you can use them interchangably. When using these icons, it is recommended to size them with increments of 24px. Doing this will make sure the icons won't look blurry. There is no icon font for this Edition of the icons, because IcoMoon doesn't support multi-colored SVG fonts (yet).

Icon names

  • clear_day
  • clear_night
  • cloudy
  • fog
  • mostly_cloudy_day
  • mostly_cloudy_night
  • partly_cloudy_day
  • partly_cloudy_night
  • rain
  • sleet
  • snow
  • storm
  • thunder
  • unknown
  • wind


Change log


  • Made the icons more friendly by rounding some corners.
  • Changed the mostly cloudy cloud, so it's bigger now and more distinguished compared to the partly cloudy cloud.
  • Changed the fog icon, so it's less straight now.
  • The Illustrator file now has all of the raw shapes, instead of being the finished icon.
  • Moved the rain and snow droplets closer together.