Jelle Dekkers


Album Art Generator

This skin is a simple tool to help you make good looking album covers without using any paid software such as Photoshop. Working with text in Photoshop is also a nightmare so this could be a good replacement for that.

How to use this? Well, simply place the images you wish to use in the images folder, then just scroll up and down on the skin to scroll through the images in that folder. Right click the skin and click "Settings..." to open the settings file and edit all of the options to move the text and give it the style you're looking for. To refresh the skin quickly, double click it.


Change log


  • Added the option to change the distance between the title and subtitle.
  • Reversed the scrolling behaviour, so scrolling down will now scroll down from A to Z in the images folder.


  • The skin can now detect changes in the images folder and account for those changes without having to refresh the skin.


  • Fixed some stuff.
  • Downsized the sample images to save space.